The main idea of this project is to study the recognition of monuments, as tourists can recognize the monuments by scanning them. The data of the monument will be displayed to the tourist. This initiative aims to make it easier for travelers to understand the backstories of tourist attractions. Many historical sites are devoid of information regarding the monument’s rich past and the fights that led to its creation and preservation to the present day. This project proposes an approach to recognizing monuments using Advanced deep learning techniques. 

There are many self taught guitarists that view tutorials online in order to learn new songs. Beginning guitarists, however, find it difficult to execute the right technique. Playing guitar focuses mostly on left hand movement as it controls the tunes. Our Project aims to correct new guitarists techniques for their left hand by scanning their hand’s movement and correcting their finger positions. The proposed solution also captures the frequency of each played note and then produces feedback which would help players to adjust their techniques.

Hieroglyphs are symbol-based scripts, and each symbol can have various definitions. Therefore, understanding Hieroglyphs and having an accessible tool that accurately translates them to a commonly used language, such as English or Arabic, is quite the challenge. Hence, the idea of Scriba was brought about. Scriba is a mobile application that aims to resolve the issue of acknowledging the Hieroglyphs by providing an accessible gadget that scans and segments pictures of Hieroglyphic text using deep learning then translating it to a comprehensible language using a pre-made API.

Graduates Testimonials

My experience was unique in that we established a team with a varied set of abilities rather than relying on friends or competent coworkers. The graduation project aided me in conducting research and developing my abilities to self-learn. Supervisors aided us in making our team stronger by providing encouragement and assisting us in learning from our mistakes. In the workplace, the amount of effort you put in at work is insignificant in comparison to what you accomplish. People look at me differently because of what I did, which is a benefit of being a MIU alumni.

Habiba Hegazy
Habiba hegazy

Software Engineer

Graduate 2019-2020

Through my graduation project, I got introduced to the field of security through securing data in databases, login forms and data in transit

Islam Nadim

Senior Network Security Engineer

Graduate 2010-2011

It showed in the market presentation how determine and market oriented we were focusing as our project aimed back then to target a very critical issue , which is the driving abnormalities and unsafe driving patterns that leads to countless accidents each year including bus drivers , truck drivers and even the taxi services drivers , we were a group of dedicated girls that wanted to reach as many companies as we could back then , we tried to reach Uber , Careem , and we got a technical presentation.


Quality Assurance Engineer

Graduate 2016-2017

In my current role, I am developing Orchestration Workflows for hybrid Cloud infrastructure in an integration with external APIs in order to automate provisioning of multiple servers, storage, databases, networks, to make deployment and management of processes and resources more smoother. In addition to reduced personnel involvement and eliminating the potential for errors. The project have gave me the power to contribute, engage and automate work processes in the business area by achieving its goals, strategies and transforming into digitalization.


Global Virtualization and Cloud Technical Consultant

Graduate 2010-2011

I think that the graduation project is one of the greatest challenges that can teach anyone a massive amount of skills in many fields of computer science. It’s not just a graduation project, it’s a journey that ends with a lot of accomplishments.

Mohamed Ashraf

Software Engineer

Graduate 2021-2022

It developed my communication skills such as composing a research paper, writing a resume, organizing a portfolio, and speaking publicly in a formal setting. Personally, I expanded my knowledge about machine learning. I also developed proper researching skills as well as polished formal presentation techniques.

Randa Osama

Teaching Assistant

Graduate 2019-2020

The Go Museum project was a big challenge for the team. Focusing on the monument’s detection was our goal. Collecting a custom dataset was one of the biggest challenges we have faced. Technically, we have learned more about new deep learning and machine learning techniques, how to write an efficient machine learning code and how to preprocess the dataset. Finally, reading research papers throughout the year was one of the main reasons that enhanced our knowledge in the machine learning field.

Kareem Yasser Razzaz

Software Engineer

Graduate 2021-2022

I got a lot of experience in my journey through four years of university. In the senior year, we deliver a project task (Technical / Documentation) each phase. This is similar to the agility used in most companies that deliver projects in sprints. However, we had many tough days meeting reviewers’ expectations, such as customer centricity in the working environment. At MIU, graduation projects must be innovative and add a new contribution to current technologies.

Hassan Hamdy

Senior Software Engineer

Graduate 2017-2018

My graduation project benefited me in different ways as it made me gain a lot of experience regarding teamwork and time management which helped me in improving my skills when working in a team. On the other side, it also improved my technical skills in many fields including machine learning, deep learning, and image processing.

Mahmoud Hazem

Teaching Assistant

Graduate 2019-2020

About us

Computer Science Graduation Projects 

Computer science fourth-level students are required to conduct a group project to research a topic of their choice from a list of suggested topics. The purpose of this graduation project is to equip our students with the necessary skills to work effectively in team environments and to become self-reliant researchers. Each group of students is advised and supervised by one of our experienced professors, who will provide guidance and support throughout the process.

To ensure that students are on track and making satisfactory progress, the project involves a series of five discussions, where students will receive feedback on their work and assess their progress. These discussions will enable the students to refine their research questions and methodology, develop their data analysis skills, and improve their communication and teamwork skills.

This project is a significant undertaking for our students and requires a high level of dedication and commitment. However, we believe that the experience gained from working on a group project of this nature will be invaluable in preparing our students for future career opportunities in the field of computer science.

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