According to the world health organization, Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally. An accurate Breast Cancer diagnosis ensures that the patient is given the correct and the most effective treatment plan and procedures. Manual Histopathology exams done by pathologists are complex, time consuming, and prone to misinterpretations due to the difference in pathologists expertise. So, the main idea of our proposed system is to diagnose breast cancer types from microscopy Biopsy images using Deep Learning algorithms.

Immediate and informative feedback are crucial yet difficult to achieve with manual assignment marking. EvalSeer is a gamified LMS equipped with code auto-marking. It offers instant feedback, leaderboard, badges, and score-based tasks (Code and peer-review) in a competitive environment. EvalSeer shall present continuous challenges to keep students motivated while utilising automated assessment to produce current visual insights on students’ progress. Deep Learning will be used to suggest syntax error fixes to the code.

Our project will focus on recognizing monuments from a video , the monument recognized can be either in a clear view or hidden by any sort of objects.We will be using a traditional and non-traditional machine learning and deep learning techniques to recognize these monuments and then we will add an augmented reality layer that will act as a guide.This project will target tourists as it will make their experience in heritage sites better.

Graduates Testimonials

My experience was different, as making a team wasn’t just the idea of friends or good and clever colleagues instead we built a team with diverse skills. The graduation project did benefit me in making research and the ability of Self-learning. For us, supervisors helped to make the team stronger together, giving us a push, and helping us learn from our mistakes. In the working field, the limit of effort you give in work is nothing compared to what you do. What I did makes people look at me differently and that’s a point to say being an MIU graduate.

Habiba hegazy

Software Engineer

Graduate 2019-2020

Through my graduation project, I got introduced to the field of security through securing data in databases, login forms and data in transit

Islam Nadim

Senior Network Security Engineer

Graduate 2010-2011

It showed in the market presentation how determine and market oriented we were focusing as our project aimed back then to target a very critical issue , which is the driving abnormalities and unsafe driving patterns that leads to countless accidents each year including bus drivers , truck drivers and even the taxi services drivers , we were a group of dedicated girls that wanted to reach as many companies as we could back then , we tried to reach Uber , Careem , and we got a technical presentation.


Quality Assurance Engineer

Graduate 2016-2017

Our graduation project enlightened us towards the field of machine learning/data recognition. We used and learnt many classification techniques and algorithms in order to reach the highest possible accuracy. We learnt how to train the algorithms over a large scale of data, and use these data to identify the intended image later on.

Mohammed Amer

Software Engineer

Graduate 2016-2017

In my current role, I am developing Orchestration Workflows for hybrid Cloud infrastructure in an integration with external APIs in order to automate provisioning of multiple servers, storage, databases, networks, to make deployment and management of processes and resources more smoother. In addition to reduced personnel involvement and eliminating the potential for errors. The project have gave me the power to contribute, engage and automate work processes in the business area by achieving its goals, strategies and transforming into digitalization.


Global Virtualization and Cloud Technical Consultant

Graduate 2010-2011

It developed my communication skills such as composing a research paper, writing a resume, organizing a portfolio, and speaking publicly in a formal setting. Personally, I expanded my knowledge about machine learning. I also developed proper researching skills as well as polished formal presentation techniques.

Randa Osama

Teaching Assistant

Graduate 2019-2020

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