This research aims to develop an intelligent system that can detect and classify various liver diseases using image analysis and machine learning methods. This study will employ Ultrasound (US) imaging, which has been identified as one of the most common and affordable methods of medical imaging in Egypt to identify liver diseases in a non-invasive manner. However, due to its low price, the images may be of poor quality or lacking in detail.

The main goal of this project is to use deep learning to create a semi-humanoid robot for on-campus surveillance. It detects the users’ commands and can interact via face recognition. The primary goal of the robot is to identify undesirable and unethical behaviours among university students, such as fighting, playing cards, or smoking inside buildings. Also, gives a ticket/notification if needed. Moreover, the robot provides additional Services for students, such as that it assists students with providing them with the best route to their destination.

There are many self taught guitarists that view tutorials online in order to learn new songs. Beginning guitarists, however, find it difficult to execute the right technique. Playing guitar focuses mostly on left hand movement as it controls the tunes. Our Project aims to correct new guitarists techniques for their left hand by scanning their hand’s movement and correcting their finger positions. The proposed solution also captures the frequency of each played note and then produces feedback which would help players to adjust their techniques.

Graduates Testimonials

My experience was unique in that we established a team with a varied set of abilities rather than relying on friends or competent coworkers. The graduation project aided me in conducting research and developing my abilities to self-learn. Supervisors aided us in making our team stronger by providing encouragement and assisting us in learning from our mistakes. In the workplace, the amount of effort you put in at work is insignificant in comparison to what you accomplish. People look at me differently because of what I did, which is a benefit of being a MIU alumni.

Habiba Hegazy
Habiba hegazy

Software Engineer

Graduate 2019-2020

Through my graduation project, I got introduced to the field of security through securing data in databases, login forms and data in transit

Islam Nadim

Senior Network Security Engineer

Graduate 2010-2011

It showed in the market presentation how determine and market oriented we were focusing as our project aimed back then to target a very critical issue , which is the driving abnormalities and unsafe driving patterns that leads to countless accidents each year including bus drivers , truck drivers and even the taxi services drivers , we were a group of dedicated girls that wanted to reach as many companies as we could back then , we tried to reach Uber , Careem , and we got a technical presentation.


Quality Assurance Engineer

Graduate 2016-2017

In my current role, I am developing Orchestration Workflows for hybrid Cloud infrastructure in an integration with external APIs in order to automate provisioning of multiple servers, storage, databases, networks, to make deployment and management of processes and resources more smoother. In addition to reduced personnel involvement and eliminating the potential for errors. The project have gave me the power to contribute, engage and automate work processes in the business area by achieving its goals, strategies and transforming into digitalization.


Global Virtualization and Cloud Technical Consultant

Graduate 2010-2011

It developed my communication skills such as composing a research paper, writing a resume, organizing a portfolio, and speaking publicly in a formal setting. Personally, I expanded my knowledge about machine learning. I also developed proper researching skills as well as polished formal presentation techniques.

Randa Osama

Teaching Assistant

Graduate 2019-2020

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