Zeiad Hossam, Ziad Mohamed, Ziad Khaled,

Dr.Mohamed El-Gazzar, Eng.Randa Osama

Publishing Date

November 8, 2020


Smart Retail is a set of smart technologies that are designed to give the consumer a greater, faster, safer and smarter experience. Example of smart retail is detecting the client when he/she enters the retail store and notify the staff members with his/her information to ease the service on him and if he wants to buy something from the retail he can feel free to pick and go and pay automatically using his billing account .This will be done in this project using cameras associated with back-end system for image recognition. Additionally, in our project, in order to support COVID-19 prevention, those cameras will be used to detect if the customers follow the social distancing rules or not. This will help the organization to boost the sales and enhance the customer experience and on the other hand support the COVID-19 prevention.

1.1 Background

Nowadays shopping or going to do a mobile service or going to a bank could take much time of your day and that will not make the customer convenient as the customer always targets fast and easy purchase and services. Shopper expectations have been set and the smart technologies are readily available, today; a new retailing era has begun, and smarter retail is ready for its smart store. Smart use of technologies in retailing needs changes in both organizational processes and selling processes. For the organizational level, these technologies need an effort for identifying, selecting and introducing the best technology, while improving the way to create, acquire, manage and transfer knowledge from consumers to firms and vice versa, as well as creating smart partnership between client and retailer after the in-store adoption. So Smart Retail system is developed to help providing better customer services that could help the customer to do his service or find the product he is looking for easily and fast. Also in the current time as we are suffering from COVID-19 Pandemic and how the mask and social distancing became very important thing in our life especially in crowded places as malls and stores. Researchers sealed that Keeping social distance works on blocking COVID-19 transmission. So we can use the camera used in the smart retail to detect weather the people are keeping the social distance or not.

1.2 Motivation

IoT innovations create expansive amounts of data that was not already accessible in the business , such as client profiles or client behavior which informs businesses around the activities of their customers’ that can be used within the business to improve marketing strategies to enable awareness of the client preferences and hence can suggest items that the client is most likely to buy, expanding commerce income and the market of IoT analytics[8]. Our project aims to improve customer experience while shopping by making them feel free to grab an item and go.

1.3 Problem Statement

Nowadays a customer always search for the fastest place that he/she can purchase an item or get a service done so our project aims to provide easier and faster way to shop or to have a service done as a customer, and also help the shop owner to give the customer a better experience so that he keep coming back. And due to COVID-19 pandemic and how keeping social distance became very important these days our system will have a role in supporting COVID-19 prevention by detecting if the customer and the shop staff are keeping social distance or not.