Donya Mohamed Mohy Eldien , Mennat Allah Hisham ,Mazen Mohamed ,Dannel Maged, Dr. AbdelNasser H. Zaied, Eng. Youmna Hassan, Eng. Ahmed Hazem

Publishing Date

29th December 2020


The main idea of this project is to combine artificial intelligence and genomics to make a system using genome analysis such as DNA sequences or gene expression to identify physical points of strength. This help anyone to understand his/her traits, and how it affects his/her sports life. The system will recommend a suitable sport based on variation in genes between normal and super athletes. Besides, We will also set a group of genes responsible for causing some diseases using artificial intelligence algorithms to predict future diseases, so they can avoid risks, and increase their chances to reach the peak of the competition. The program classify genes’ locations, and what are the functions of these genes, and its traits whether endurance, power, speed, or strength using machine learning or techniques. Our challenge is to help athletes improve their performance and the non-athletes to discover their abilities to choose the sport that will match their body features .

1.1 Purpose of this document

The purpose of this software requirement document is to present a detailed description of utilization of human genomes analysis to discover athletes traits using machine learning tools. the main purpose of the project is to be able to classify the variation in genes for an athlete so we can recommend a specific sport depending on these traits(genes) . The earlier this analysis takes place the more progress this athlete can achieve. Also, we can predict the possible diseases that can infect an athlete.

1.2 Scope of this document

The system is developed to predict and recommend which sport is suitable for an athlete according to his genes variation as this prevents athletes from young ages to try practicing many sports and waste their time, money, and effort. Also, discover any genetic diseases that may impede that player and prevent him/her from practicing his/her favorite sport.

1.3 System Overview

The project contains three stages. the first phase is the classification where doctors insert the SNPs of the client to determine whether he is an athlete or not. In the second phase, based on the variations of his genes the system will recommend a suitable sport .The third phase is detecting the possibility of having a certain of disease.

1.4 System Scope

Athletes will be able to know which kind of genes variations they have and the effect of each gene in his body. The system will recommend the suitable sport for these athletes. Also from the DNA analysis it will be known if an athlete has a genetic disease that could affect his performance in a sport, So doctors will suggest the therapy for that athlete.