Ramez Nabil, Khaled Nader, Nour Eldeen, Ahmed Mahdy, Dr. Essam Eliwa, Eng. Shereen Essam

Publishing Date

24 October 2020


Immediate and informative feedback is crucial yet difficult to achieve with manual assignment marking. EvalSeer is a gamified LMS equipped with code auto-marking. It offers instant feedback, leaderboard, badges, and score-based tasks (Code, MCQs, and peer-review) in a competitive environment. EvalSeer shall present continuous challenges to keep students motivated while utilizing automated assessment to produce current visual insights on students’ progress. Machine Learning will be used to identify students’ knowledge gaps and detect at-risk students. The system shall award points and coins to the students depending on the performance of the students. The system shall assess on different criteria as compiling code, code style, dynamic tests for the assignments. The system shall assess c++ code by using different test cases and by using machine learning in order to be able to assess code on a high level.

1.1 Background

Learning systems, in the beginning, relied on direct, in-person communication with the teacher or the professor to ensure the full understanding of the syllabus and be evaluated and assessed on the learned material and so the student was constantly in need of following up. With the advancement of technology and the invention of the internet, the learning process became digitized and communication became much easier. From there emerged the learning management systems that regulate the learning process online. An essential part of the learning process is the assessment and with the digitization of the learning system assessments became hard to evaluate and consume huge time and effort which dramatically affects students’ performance and puts a lot of pressure on the teacher. This project’s target is to implement computer intelligence to facilitate the assessment process. EvalSeer will alleviate the pressure on the evaluating teacher and improve the assessing process and its speed. Students shall have updates and feedback regularly, which will develop their skills and performance.

1.2 Motivation

Assessments are an essential part of the learning process for new students in programming as it tests the knowledge that the student gained through his learning period. Feedbacks on assessments prove to be extremely helpful to students as it points out their strong and weak points and so increases their performance. However, providing comprehensive feedback to each and every student is challenging as the manual evaluation process is hugely time and effort consuming.

1.3 Problem Statement

• Programming assignments assessment takes a lot of time to be reviewed and corrected.

• Assignment feedback takes much energy and effort that put pressure on the professors and teaching assistants.

.• For courses with a high number of enrolled students becomes very difficult to manage assignments and provide appropriate feedback.

• The Feedback on assignments is delayed thus being inaccurate or inefficient or even not delivered to the student and this impacts negatively on the students. This negative impact resulting in decreasing their motivation to learn or lowering their programming skills.

• Slow assessment for programming assignments could affect the efficiency of the educational process generally leading to delays in the timeline and contribution to the business aspect of the field.