Team Members

Ramez Nabil

Team Leader

Khaled Nader

Team Member

Nour Eldeen

Team Member

Ahmed Mahdy

Team Member


Dr. Essam Eliwa

Assistant Professor

Eng. Shereen Essam

Job Title


Immediate and formative feedback is crucial yet difficult to achieve with manual assignment marking. EvalSeer is a gamified LMS equipped with code auto-marking. It offers instant feedback, leaderboard, badges, and score-based tasks (Code, MCQs, and peer-review) in a competitive environment. EvalSeer shall present continuous challenges to keep students motivated while utilizing automated assessment to produce current visual insights on students’ progress. Students shall be awarded points depending on their performance in tasks and assignments and be able to spend them to gain an edge. The evaluation process covers various criteria that all aim to strengthen the student’s coding abilities, these criteria include coding style, used code features, the logical structure through dynamic test cases, and successful compilation. EvalSeer uses neural networks to detect potential syntax errors and suggests a fix along with an explanation of why this fix was suggested backed up with external links regarding the topic.

System Objectives

• Build a usable system that achieve a score equal to or higher than 70 in System Usability Scale

• Reduce the time taken to grade assignments by more than 60%

• Provide a probable fix to most entry-level syntax errors with accuracy equal to or higher than 75%

• Provide formative feedback to the student regarding his assignment within 24 hours

System Scope

• EvalSeer aims to provide instant feedback for student’s on their assignments.

• The System performs grading process to many aspects of the assignment such as syntax, style, test cases, compilation, feature test, checking for plagiarism.

• Gamified Environment (Leader-Boards, Tokens, Badges).

• The expected outcome is to save the instructors the time and effort of manually correcting each assignment. The student shall receive immediate feedback on the assignment thus improving his/her programming skills.

Documents and Presentations


You will find here the documents and presentation for our proposal.




You will find here the documents and presentation for our SRS.




You will find here the documents and presentation for our SDD.




You will find here the documents and presentation for our Thesis




Nabil, R., Mohamed, N. E., Mahdy, A., Nader, K., Essam, S., & Eliwa, E. (2021, May). EvalSeer: An Intelligent Gamified System for Programming Assignments Assessment. In 2021 International Mobile, Intelligent, and Ubiquitous Computing Conference (MIUCC) (pp. 235-242). IEEE.