Alaa Atef Fadel

Raheem Ismail Barkat

Youssef Mohamed Kamal

Ibrahim Bibers

Publishing Date

15 nov 2021


On 31 December 2019, COVID-19 started in china and then spread all over the world, in which lockdown to all businesses was obligatory which included educational facilities. That lead to blocking the teaching/learning process from continuing. To prevent businesses from shutting down, we had to adapt to the current situation by using modern technology to try and simulate work/learning environments from home so we used online learning to try to accomplish that. That included online exams which sparked a new big problem with the amount of students that took advantage from that current situation and the lack of proctors to cheat their exams and pass their subjects. BirdEye is an application that focuses on preventing students from cheating online exams with no need of proctors during the exam which will suit the current lockdown situation. This process was accomplished by using the latest deep learning technologies.

1.1 Background

From the beginning of the COVID-19, The grades curve of students increased because of the high level of

cheating that caused a disaster in the process of learning in which every piece of information is dependent

on another piece. BirdEye is an application developed to solve this problem. It decreases the number of

instructors monitoring online exams, it also decreases the number of cheaters via application functionalities,

Which are focusing on the weak parts of the old applications found similar to this project of ours . The

application consists of 4 main features Firstly, face recognition. Secondly, voice recognition. Thirdly, face

gesture recognition and finally preventing students from switching to other apps that might help him cheat.

1.2 Motivation


         On 31 December 2019, COVID-19 started in china and duo to it’s severity , all countries obligated lock-

down and blocked all facilities from continuing their job. That included educational facilities which lead to

a huge problem as students now cannot proceed with their studies, so school and universities had to adapt to

the current situation and try to take advantage of the technologies available to simulate a suitable studying

environment to all students. That initiated a new problem during exams duo to the amount of students that

took advantage of the less proctored environment and used that to cheat their exams and pass their subjects

effortlessly. This problem is interesting as it is widely spread all over the world which will make a signif-

icantly big impact on all these people, Also that there is no perfect application/system available that has

accurate results and that covers all the methods that are used by students to cheat .

The problem occurred when the COVID-19 spread globally in 2019 in which this problem was initially

found when all learning processes couldn’t be proceeded [2] as old examining style couldn’t be happen in

campus, so changing to online exams had to be done to prevent the spreading of the virus.

Most current successful solutions available contains face recognition, preventing apps from switching

or tabs from jumping while exam, also voices recognition, iris and head movements.Another successful so-

lution is using three investigation tools:face recognition-questionnaire was developed and distributed using

the indicators-insights about students[16]. BirdEye will include all the features that are present on all other

applications and will also improve on them by adding recordings of a specific time of cheating and to give

alert to the proctor to see that student cheated or tried to cheat and make the application cross-platform

while using deep learning in the recognition process.


          After the change in our lifestyles from on ground to online, scholar organizations all around the world

switched to be computerized and online tests to be taken from the students’ homes. Online examination

System is a computerized system that provides immediate results while also saving time. It completely

automates the manual procedure of conducting written tests that existed previously. The data in online

examination System is consistently regenerated so that students have access to up-to-date data. The system

helps to reduce the number of infections of COVID-19 by lowering the gatherings in universities.

1.3 Problem Statement

Universities started researching the online learning system in the past few years. The pandemic enforced

the idea of online learning and online exams. The issue of cheating has come into sharper focus. In written

exams, the proctors already knew the ways that students cheat, but in online exams, cheating will be more

accessible and widespread without proctors. Bird-eye application faces a problem on how to reduce cheating

in exams.