Ahmed Osama, Seif Nagi, Marian Kromel, Mafdy Magdy

Publishing Date

December 5, 2021


Today our understanding of robotics has evolved enormously. The document shall discuss the objectives of the project. Our robot’s objectives are what the robot is going to do on campus in various fields. The proposed system shall use face detection to detect the human’s emotional to know what they feel while interacting with it. The robot shall be available on MIU admission, The robot is supposed to reply to all students applying to the university inquiries like how to apply, how to change faculty choices after applying or test date and time, exam fees payment, online placement test, medical examination, avail- able faculties, and finally how to contact MIU admission. Inform them that in case they are accepted a confirmation email will be sent to them including their ID, admissions portal credentials, and portal link

1.1 Background

At the dawn of the 20th century, robots were not yet a part of popular science Action [5] It wasn’t until 1917

when Joseph Capek wrote the short story Opilec describing auto- mats in 1921. At which the brother of

Capek entered a discussion and debate within the Czech literally about the term robot. The term robot has

derived from the Czech word, Robota, meaning serf or laborer. Karl Capek the brother of Joseph allocate

the robot for military use and search and rescue missions. Robots aim to improve the accuracy of many tasks

to exceed the accuracy achieved by humans.Nowadays, robots have become more known and popular. As if it helps in performing tasks in easy way than before.That push us to use the robots as a robot can perform

task faster with higher accuracy than humans. Here are some famous robots doing some tasks better than

humans or cannot done by humans.

• [6] Robot Pepper can function in a more clinically, helping to triage needs, schedule appointments,

provide patient education, and interpret patterns in vitals/labs in a proper medical context.

• [6] Right now in Japan, human-like robots are already being utilized as supplemental healthcare work-

ers in elderly homes across the country. Larger robotic machines can be used to carry-out laborious

physical tasks like moving patients, and smaller interactive robots are being used to combat loneliness

and inactivity in the elderly population.

• [7] Robots nowadays are used also in the farming field in which there is a system to manage multiple

robots to work in planting, watering, gathering the farms. This is due to the increase in population

that reflects directly on increase in the market needs. Those robots used new Technologies as Global

Positioning System (GPS), laser scanner, and charge couple camera.

1.2 Motivation


Unfortunately, robots aren’t widespread around places like universities or any other workplaces, because

it is a safety concern of human workers when working with robots. Fenced robotics are usually isolated

from human workers for this very reason. The robotics industry is answering the call once again with

collaborative robots that are equipped with a wide range of safety features. Moreover, mechanical issues

can result in faulty or unexpected operations of the robot. These types of failures are unpredictable and

potentially dangerous. These problems make it difficult to have an everyday robot experience.


Product assembly in an industrial area is one of the most common activities that robots do for enterprises.

Manufacturing robots can perform jobs like welding, sorting, assembling, and pick-and-place operations

faster and more efficiently than human workers can. Which will save a lot of time and effort.

The need of our project in the business is to perform more tasks efficiently with less cost, and less

time by reducing the consumption of time of the student admission process by responding to the inquiries

of applicants to the university or the inquires of parents about each faculty, its related information like

fees, grades, bus, orientation, and the methods of application for each student according to the type of his

certificate if its high school or IG, American or if it’s from abroad

1.3 Problem Statement

For any project, There are some problems that this project aims to solve. Here is the problems we try to


• The university consumes a lot of resources to organize admission procedures every year,

– meeting all the new students and answering all their inquiries about their facilities

– telling them the test date, time, and more information.

– The new student is lost and has many inquiries about the university that require many people

daily for helping him.

• organize seasonal events like orientation days, welcome party & graduation ceremonies, beside per-

forming daily tasks such as taking attendance during exams and guiding visitors through university

offices. All of that consume manpower & time which ending up with wasting more money.

• The robot will save time & efforts of the university staff by performing these tasks which will help

them in focusing on their main tasks which will end up by cutting extra costs.