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Chatbots are now widely used in a wide range of applications, particularly in systems that give intelligent support to users. In fact, in many situations, these systems are equipped with Chatbots that can read user requests and offer the appropriate replies in a timely and accurate manner. This paper presents a Chatbot system in an educational domain. A system was created to assist university students in their inquiries. The primary goal was to develop a specific architecture, create a model for managing communication, and provide the proper responses to the students. For this purpose, a system has been developed that can recognize queries and provide answers to students using artificial intelligence techniques and natural language processing. Finally, when the planned model was implemented, an experimental campaign was run to verify its enforceability and efficiency.

System Objectives

Create an AI-based chatbot for the university’s website that can:
1- Users’ inquiries are evaluated, and their messages are comprehended.
2- Deliver an effective response to the user’s query.
3- The user saves time finding information with the help of the chatbot, instead of his presence on campus.
4- Assist the user in accessing information regarding the university.
5- Provide a simple but unique UI to help the user chat with the system.

System Scope

MIU Chatbot can interact with users in a commonly manner, respond to questions and queries, provide links requested by the users, answer frequently asked questions, and provide information regarding the university.

  • MIU Chatbot aims to provide 24/7 support on the website whenever the user needs it.
  • The Chatbot will provide answers to the frequently asked questions and provide answers to user’s inquiries.

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