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Chatbots are now widely utilised in a variety of applications, particularly in systems that provide intelligent user support. In many cases, these systems include Chatbots that can read user requests and provide prompt and correct responses. This study discusses an instructional Chatbot system. To aid university students with their queries, a system was developed. The main purpose was to build a precise architecture, a model for managing communication, and appropriate replies for users. A system has been created for this purpose that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to recognise questions and deliver responses to users.

1.1 Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to define the document’s details. The documentation also serves as a developer reference and a record of product approval for the required functions. The software implementation will be detailed in this document. The algorithms and approaches employed are covered in the software implementation. The objective of the Chat-purpose bot is to assist users in finding what they’re searching for on the website and to respond to any questions they may have. The system will feature datasets from several university departments and will provide answers to the user’s inquiries.

1.2 Scope of this document

Educational institutions don’t depend on chatbots and intelligent agents yet, therefore this is a novel concept for them. Chatbot is a software application that allow users to send their queries, and the chatbot should respond to their questions in order to assist them in finding solutions to their inquiries. Gathering information and collecting data are the first phases in building a system, followed by pre-processing, processing, testing, and eventually deployment.

1.3 System Overview

The System Overview is presented in section 3.

1.4 System Scope

MIU Chatbot can interact with users in a commonly manner, respond to questions and queries, provide links requested by the users, answer frequently asked questions, and provide information regarding the university.

  • MIU Chatbot aims to provide 24/7 support on the website whenever the user needs it.
  • The Chatbot will provide answers to the frequently asked questions and provide answers to user’s inquiries.