Team Members

Maryam Victor

Team Leader

Pierre Malak

Team Member

Abdallah Khayrat

Team Member

Seifeldin Ahmed

Team Member


Dr.  Mohamed Elshalakani

Assistant Professor

Eng. Haytham Tarek

Teaching Assistant

Eng. Verina Adel

Teaching Assistant


As a result of the combination of robots and artificial intelligence, we now have the ultimate technology to replace people with robots and complete tasks that were previously impossible for humans to complete. The main goal of our project is to use deep learning to create a semi-humanoid robot for on-campus surveillance. It detects the users’ commands and can interact via face recognition. The primary goal of the robot is to identify undesirable and unethical behaviours among university students, such as fighting, playing cards, or smoking inside buildings. Also, gives a ticket/notification if needed. Moreover, the robot provides additional Services for students, such as that it assists students with providing them with the best route to their destination building a service they normally need like accessing their schedules.

System Objectives

• Keep tracking on unethical behaviour.

• Monitor smoking on campus.

• Make face detection for students to retrieve their schedules and information.

• Show the students’ paths to buildings based on their choices.

• Have a semi-humanoid robot that Navigates through the campus and provides friendly interaction

with students and staff members.

System Scope

• Detecting abnormal behaviour that occurs on campus and capturing its photo, and delivering a report by the end of the day by students ID, the actions they did, and the severity of the action.

• Navigating student to their rooms.

• The Student can ask for a doctor schedule and the robot will show it to him.

Documents and Presentations


You will find here the documents and presentation for our proposal.




You will find here the documents and presentation for our SRS.




You will find here the documents and presentation for our SDD.




You will find here the documents and presentation for our Thesis






An intelligent Surveillance System for Detecting Abnormal Behaviors on Campus using YOLO andCNN-LSTM Network

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