Ahmed Tareq

Youssef Bassem

Eyad Amir

Hazem Abou El-Fadl

Dr. Khaled Hussein

Eng. Nada Ayman

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This is the age of uprising technology where technology is used to facilitate people’s lives and help those in need. Having a suitcase to store our items in is essential whether during shopping, Hanging out, or most importantly traveling. One of the most irritating experiences that travelers might have during traveling is the loss or mixing of their suitcase with other passengers. Another hard experience that is present during traveling is people with disabilities who are unable to carry or pull their suitcase. To help people and especially those with disabilities move and travel without any burdens we have developed smart suitcase. The bag will be intelligent enough to carry various everyday features. The suitcase works on AI technology that helps in detecting the owner and avoiding obstacles. The suitcase is connecting to a mobile application , raspberry pi that has the software which the camera need and prevents it from mixing with other’s personal suitcase, the suitcase will has 2 Motors help move the bag along with its owner in a smooth way also we will use H bridge to control the inversion of DC motor and to control the speedway, strongly built chassis that helps to protect the contents inside the bag in case of collision.

1.1 Purpose of this document

This SRS document’s main goal is to describe and demonstrate the requirements for our graduation project, “Smart Suitcase”. That is mainly helping people with disabilities to carry their possessions and move with them freely along with preventing the mixing of suitcase of traveling passengers. We aim to assist those in need and facilitate passengers’ traveling experience.

1.2 Scope of this document

Our Project Smart Suitcase is aiming to help people move their possessions freely, especially those with disabilities with the least possible effort. The users will get the benefits of effortless traveling and shopping. This document helps in delivering the functions and instructions of the suitcase.

1.3 System Overview

• Collecting dataset:

Collecting the data set of people and obstacles that the suitcase will face in order to get the best performance possible in tracking the owners and evading obstacles

• Building the software:

-We will be able to detect the owners and obstacles using YOLOV5 we will be ready to move to the next stage.

-Applying deep learning and machine learning to be able to master the detection and recognition of the objects 

-Using mobile application to ensure that the owner is always connected to the suitcase

• Building the Hardware:

-We will be using a microcontroller(raspberry pi), Avr, H-Bridge (The Driver), Sensor, Dual Motors, Large battery, Chasis.

-We will integrate all these components together to make them functional.

1.4 System Scope

The Suitcase shall:

• Track the owner of the bag.

• Detect objects and evade obstacles.

• Move on inclined surfaces.

• Produce alarm noise and send notification to the owner through the mobile application if the

distance between the owner and the suitcase increased.