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Ragaa Moustafa, Farida Hesham, Samiha Hussein, Badr Amr

Supervised by: Dr. Taraggy Ghanim, Eng. Nada Ayman, Eng. Samira Refaat

Publishing Date

May 4, 2022


Scriba is a Flutter-based mobile application that translates hieroglyphs. The system of this project uses lightweight CNN techniques to instantaneously process scanned/uploaded images of hieroglyphic text and translate them to English or Arabic. Moreover, Scriba offers users to learn more about ancient Egyptian myths and listen to the pronunciation of the hieroglyphic text. This Software Design Description (SDD) document thoroughly presents the used and intended designs to implement the project. The designs discussed follow the requirements specified in the project’s Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document.

1.1 Purpose

This Software Design Description (SDD) document aims to thoroughly describe the design of Scriba’s system and provide visuals of Scriba’s user interface (UI) to allow for understanding the development of Scriba.

1.2 Scope

This document briefly goes through Scriba’s system overview and objective. In addition, it presents different design perspectives, shows Scriba’s data design, and provides screenshots of the mobile application’s user interface (UI).

1.3 Overview

This Software Design Description (SDD) will describe rigorously how the Scriba system aims to translate the hieroglyphics. The first section, “Introduction” discusses this document’s purpose, scope, and overview. Secondly, the “System Overview” outlines the system’s scope, objectives, and timeline. Thirdly, the “Design viewpoints” are discussed, which consist of context, composition, logical, patterns use, algorithms, interaction, and interface. Fourthly, the “Data Design” describes the data, dataset description, and database design description. The fifth section, “Human Interface Design” illustrates the user interface, screen images, and screen objects and actions. The sixth and final section is the “Requirement Matrix” which provides a cross-reference that explains the system’s functions and status.

1.4 Intended audience

This document is targeted for developers -including those outside of the development team- as well as the end-users of Scriba.