Khaled Mohamed Saad
Mai Magdy El-Ghandour
Ahmed Mohamed Tamer
Reem Ahmed Ibrahim
Assoc.Prof. Eslam Amer
 Eng. Mahmoud Elsahhar

Publishing Date

9 November 2021


Watching movies plays a big role in youngsters’ lives, but being filled with inappropriate content such as violence and sexual scenes may harm them, Researches has shown that crime rates have increased by people within the age of 12 to 17 as 92 per 1,000 youngsters commits a crime. Other researches conducted as part of the government’s troubled attempt to introduce age-verification services for online pornography, found that children were often disturbed by being accidentally exposed to the material at a pre-teen age. There are many faced challenges in developing filtering systems for negative content. Most researches on negative content filtering have been based on video analysis only, Our main target is to detect and predict inappropriate scenes by combining video analysis with text analysis (Subtitles) to enhance the output accuracy. The application is designed to be friendly to users as it can communicate through voice.

1.1 Background

People of different ages like to watch movies, most of the latest movies always contain inappropriate scenes like violent scenes, offensive scenes, and crime scenes. There are a lot of scenes that are not suitable for kids or people who are still underage, or suitable for family or group of people who are going to watch together. So many people would like to cut these inappropriate scenes or skip them to make the movie suitable for everyone. Therefore, our project aims to detect and filter these scenes to make them appropriate.

1.2 Motivation

The history of violent scenes in movies and series or even normal videos started a long time ago since there is a thing called movies. This problem is faced by many people and many families that don’t like to watch these scenes even if it’s bloody or sexual scenes and wants to skip it to have the full-entertainment experience in watching this movie. This problem is very interesting because the viewer’s opinion is different from one to another, and some of them will want to skip scenes that the other is okay with, so the user wants to have full control of the movie to watch or skip whatever he wants. To emphasize, the occurrence of the problem started since the production of cinema. Which makes people feel uncomfortable while watching movies or series. That’s happened because of the difference in movie taste between people. Some people don’t like to see any genre of violence or any other specific type. So, they prefer not to watch these videos that contain inappropriate scenes for them. Accordingly, it is solved years earlier but not in the desirable way that the viewer needed. The censorship made a solution which is they employ a person filtering videos that wanted to be published. The filtration steps depend on placed terms set by Film censorship to produce clarified contents. Today, all the available filtration applications are under the umbrella of improving the videos with effects and songs. Also, from the voice filtration side, can be concluded on removing the noise. Which is considered as enhanced to make voice clear. The idea of getting rid of the inappropriate scene didn’t take the chance to exist till now. The only way found is Film censorship.

1.3 Problem Statement

Currently, movies and series have become very important for many people as a source of happiness and entertainment. accordingly, by doing this, people face many problems as these movies or series may contain scenes that are not acceptable for children to watch, it may contain inappropriate scenes that adults and families don’t like to watch and to avoid it, it may contain scenes that aren’t suitable for a family to watch together. These inappropriate scenes may cause community problems and mental disorders for children and adults that will try to simulate these scenes in real life, which increases the crime rate as Researches has shown that crime rates have increased by people within the age of 12 to 17 as 92 per 1,000 youngster commits a crime. So we decided to solve this problem by developing an easy and reliable desktop application that users can interact with through voice to filter the movie and cut or blur the inappropriate and violent scenes in any movie according to the user’s choice as the application will do video and text analysis for the movie to gain high accuracy so that user can have full control of the movie that he’s watching to cut or keep whatever he wants.