Khaled Mohamed Saad
Mai Magdy El-Ghandour
Ahmed Mohamed Tamer
Reem Ahmed Ibrahim
Assoc.Prof. Eslam Amer
Eng. Mahmoud Elsahhar

Publishing Date

8 March 2022


Movies and series plays an important role among our society especially affecting our children and youth’s lives. Alot of content may be harmful for them as it might be inappropriate containing violence or sexual scenes. According to studies, crime rates among people aged 12 to 17 have climbed, with 92 per 1,000 young people committing a crime. Children were regularly distressed by being accidentally exposed to the material at a pre-teenage age, according to study performed as part of the government’s problematic attempt to implement age-verification services for internet pornography. There are several problems in establishing negative content screening systems. Most researches on negative content filtering have been based on video analysis only. Our main target is to merge between video analysis on scenes parallel to text analysis on subtitles to predict the violent and inappropriate scenes from movies and cut them off.

1.1 Purpose

To begin with the aim of the software design description. This highlights and accompanies the system and architecture design to a precise definition of features. The software design description explains the sequence of the developing process to achieve a satisfying set of technical criteria. Additionally, this paper clarifies how the specifications are going to follow. In brief, according to the importance of the system and architecture design. The development team will take it as a guide throughout the design and implementation phases.

1.2 Scope

The Scope of this document matters for all people who are interested in watching movies and more for people who are frustrated by watching inappropriate scenes and violent scenes which increase the chance that a child will act aggressively. According to an article called ’Violence in media’ , and aim to cut them off from the movie. This Software Design Description aims to describe all the requirements of Pruney Software that will make the user watch the movie without any inappropriate scenes.

1.3 Overview

The sections of this document describe Pruney’s system. The first section in this document is the introduction section, it describes the project and its goal briefly. In addition to, the second section is the system overview this section aims to provide users with an overview of the system, and discuss it more technically. Moreover, the third section is the design viewpoints this section contains a set of design viewpoints that support the design and development process, and they are represented using UML diagrams. The fourth section is the data design section that shows the data is stored in a relational database. As well the fifth section is the human interface design, it represents how the project’s graphical user interface will be, and the main GUI screens. The sixth section is the requirements matrix this section provides the components and the data structures of the functional requirements in the SRS document, by using a tabular format to show which system components satisfy each of the functional requirements from the SRS. Finally, the seventh section is appendices this section’s appendices may be included directly or by reference, to provide supporting details that could aid in the understanding of the Software Design Document.

1.4 Intended audience

The SDD document is mainly intended for film censorship and families or parents. Specifically, people who want to remove violent/ inappropriate scenes from the whole content.