Mohamed Khaled , Aly Sameir , Ahmed Salah, Omar Salah

Supervised by: Dr Alaa Hamdy

 Eng Maha Sayed 

Publishing Date

9th of November 2021


E-learning platforms witnessed a huge growth as being a complementary tool to monitor the students’ performance since the pandemic. In traditional learning, instructors can easily get a glimpse of how students work, learn, and interact in the classroom. Due to hybrid learning approach, it is hard for instructors to efficiently track the progress of each and every student in online assessment. Within an open source e-learning platform, the project will demonstrate how these strategies may assist students and instructors throughout the learning process. We will create a bot that is capable of instructing students utilizing open platforms such as Moodle. This bot will be created by AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) is an XML-compliant language and it will interact with the students

1.1 Background

We want to assist students in answering lab questions by showing a bot if they needed assistance, via three

methods: audio or video.

1.2 Motivation

As everything became computerized is much easier so we think if assistance in a lab experiment became virtual will be easier for the students to get the information and will be easier for the instructor to help a bigger number of students with less effort. The idea of helping students in solving their experiment encourages us to think about how to help them to benefit the most from the experiment and that will be processed by having a virtual bot to make them count on themselves and that will also help the instructor that teaches them. The problem is mainly about the students’ behavior while solving the experiment, if the students face any problem to solve it the bot will pop in front of them to help and the instructor will be informed if there is a major problem in a specific question in the experiment. The problem is not solved yet but we are looking to help the students as if they took a long time in question the bot will help them with a text, voice or a video explaining the idea of the question. We are looking forward to helping both of instructors and students.

1.3 Problem Statement

Most of the time There is no enough time for the instructor to respond to all of the questions that students may have during the lab assessment, also many students are confused if they can ask a certain question and are frightened of being embarrassed, therefore the bot will be beneficial to them