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Traffic congestion is unavoidable in large and growing cities across the

world. Traffic prediction can help in guiding the best route to take and manage traffic

congestion. Life will be easier if there is an application to guide you on when to

go out tomorrow to reach your meeting on time, and how to avoid a certain route

due to heavy rains. There are predictable factors that cause traffic congestion like

weather, cars, events, school opening/closing time, and festivals at a certain time.

This paper aims to predict the traffic congestion in the early stage before starting our

journey in months or days. The paper implements the Random forest tree algorithm

to predict traffic on ’Uber movement data-set’and the Gradient boost tree algorithm

. By comparing the results Random forest tree is better at predicting traffic

System Objectives

Build a professional Traffic prediction with high accuracy based on the data collected.

2. Build a system than can help in organizing the traffic flow.

3. Improve the quality of the living environment.

4. Improvement of the accessibility

5. display the traffic flow next few days

System Scope

The proposed system is designed to predict the traffic that may be caused by the events, weather and specific occasions within the hours, days, months in the current year and display its location and the surrounded streets which might affect traffic congestion flow and show the routs that should be avoided. The system shall. The faster increase in transportation demand, the faster increase in transportation have out-paced the high levels of vehicle reliance generated by urban development has causing severe traffic congestion. There are many reasons on the effects of traffic congestion including: Due to a lack of space and exorbitant costs, boosting capacity through the building of additional facilities in densely populated metropolitan regions is challenging. A more practical strategy to dealing with traffic congestion is to monitor traffic congestion and traffic management systems in order to avoid traffic congestion. The system design of predict the traffic should display the traffic congestion on specific places in Cairo, The data is collected from weather maps API and google maps API and based on these data the system will prediction traffic congestion’s.

• The system main features:

1. The project will produce a Traffic Prediction system to help the user manage or escape

from traffic congestion’s.

2. There will be a screen on today’s traffic congestion or the next few day.

3.Detect the traffic congestions for the next few day.

4. Directing the user to take the fastest route

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