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ADHD children are known to lack some cognitive abilities, which causes them to struggle. As traditional therapy, which uses medications can have serious side effects, thus, it is found that by entering the patient into a whole new gaming environment dimension of serious games using Unity3d, containing a baseline game using an EEG headset for ADHD detection, and if positively diagnosed with ADHD, the child shall enter the gaming therapy sessions with each game aiming to enhance a certain skill the patient lacks, these therapy sessions were proven to be a more effective. Moreover, by using the EEG headset for the cognitive games, one aims to have the desired brain wave-length, triggering an action in Unity, in which the system shall adapt to each patient’s state using machine learning, while for the behavioral games the child shall be wearing a VR headset instead to further enhance the gaming experience. Finally, a feedback cycle will take place to assess the player’s performance and the effectiveness of the games.

System Objectives

•Detecting ADHD in children from age group 6 to 12 years old using EEG signals extracted from the brain using an EEG Headset.

•Designing an adaptive gaming environment in terms of the game-play and game-components Based on the cognitive and behavioral abilities of the child.

•Integrating an EEG headset to the game-play for enhancing the child’s cognitive abilities.

•Integrating a VR-Headset and an apple watch for the enhancement of the child’s behavioral skills.

System Scope

•Helps ADHD children to achieve a desired brain wave length throughout training sessions and Extend their skill level.

•Depending on his/her signals the therapist would pick a game that is suitable to his/her out putted Brain waves

•The game is developed specifically for children aging between 6 to 12 years old for Targeting ADHD children to enhance some cognitive skills they lack.

•Help the therapist to keep track of the child’s progress.

•Provide a set of levels based on the player’s brain signals.

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