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Dr. Khaled Hussein


Eng. Noha Elmasry

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Introducing an innovative interior design app that enables users to create and customize their room’s interior design in a 3D environment. The app allows users to scan their room and convert it into a 3D model with accurate dimensions and furniture placement. The user can apply dominant colors and textures to walls, windows, and furniture, and experiment with different furniture objects and room shapes. The app offers an AR feature that allows users to view their designs in real-time and in 3D space. Additionally, the app uses a reinforcement learning model to optimize furniture placement based on user preferences and room dimensions. The app offers an interactive and user-friendly interface and provides a comprehensive solution for interior design, making the process accessible and enjoyable for users, while also providing a valuable tool for professionals in the industry.

System Objectives

1- Enable room scanning for creating a detailed 3D model.

2- Provide options to customize wall colors and textures.

3- Offer editing capabilities for furniture, doors, windows, including color, texture, 3D shapes, placement, and rotation.

4- Empower users to add furniture items to the 3D room and adjust their scale accordingly.

5- Allow users to adjust lighting settings.

6- Enhance interior design optimization features.

7- Enable users to view the 3D room in an augmented reality (AR) view.

System Scope

Our app utilizes the LiDAR sensor on compatible smartphones to scan and extract room features such as walls, doors, and furniture. Users can then edit colors, textures, and 3D shapes, and add furniture items to their 3D room. The app provides an AR view for realistic visualization and an optimization feature to automatically optimize furniture placement. Our goal is to simplify interior design, enabling users to create personalized and optimized room layouts without external assistance.

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