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Yasmin Kandil

Team Leader

Salma Osama

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Rogina Michelle

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Youssef Karam

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Dr.  Diaa Salama 

Associate Professor

Eng. Mennat Allah Hassan

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Virtual fitting rooms have attracted the sights of the market need in the past two years; The world faced a colossal pandemic that led everything to be online. This project aims to solve the online shopping problem using deep learning techniques. Users face a significant issue finding the perfect fit and knowing the texture of the items they want. As a result, merchants’ profit is significantly impacted because the customers return what they bought.

The project aims to simulate a 3D human model. Based on the measurements extracted from the user’s images. The user can see how simulated 3D clothes will look on his 3D body model. Accordingly, he will know the exact size that fits him. Additionally, he can view the texture. Finally, the user will have styling tips suggested according to his chosen items as a result, the user will know the most trending styles.

System Objectives

The goals of the Virtual Fitting Room are:

• Seeing the outfit and knowing whether it suits you or not by viewing a 3D model wearing

the clothes you chose.

• Managing the demands of fashion and preserving customers for business growth by devel-

oping an e-commerce mobile application.

• Aiding people to know different styles of fashion and to make sure that this is the best outfit.

• Reducing the percentage of exchanges or refunds and making it easier for the customer to

have live shopping at home.

• Knowing the texture of the clothes with a high-resolution photo.

System Scope

• The system will help customers to have a live shopping experience by using a virtual fitting room

through the 3D model.

• The system will aid shops and merchants to improve their business.

• The system will create texture from 2D images.

• The system will recommend a suitable outfit and styling tips.

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