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This is the age of uprising technology where technology is used to facilitate people’s lives and help those in need. Having a Suitcase to store our items in is extremely essential whether during shopping, Hanging out, or most importantly traveling. One of the most irritating experiences that travelers might have during traveling is the loss or mixing of their luggage with other passengers. Another hard experience that is present during traveling is people with disabilities who are unable to carry or move their luggage. To help people and especially those with disabilities move and travel without any burdens we have developed a smart suitcase. The suitcase will be intelligent enough to carry out various features for everyday use. The suitcase works on AI technology that helps in detecting the owner of the luggage by a mobile application that has a connection with the bag, raspberry pi that has the software which the camera need and prevents it from mixing with other’s personal luggage, we will use ultrasonic sensors of type HC-SR04 which will help the case in scanning process the environment to prevent collisions with either people or luggage and 2 Motors help move the bag along with its owner in a smooth way also we will use H bridge to control the inversion of DC motor and to control the speedway, strongly built chassis that helps to protect the contents inside the bag in case of collision .

System Objectives

The goal is to create a suitcase that can help both disabled people and traveling passengers carry their beloved

belongings that require having a suitcase with less effort.

• Reducing the amount of force required to carry or push the suitcase due to the dual motors that are

attached to it.

• Ability to recognize the owner with the camera and the software that uses deep learning without any


 • Ability to evade any obstacle that would interfere with the suitcase’s path.

• A developed a mobile application to warn the owner that the distance became too far between the owner

and the bag in the form of a notification.

• Camera to be used for security purposes to check that the person that it is following is the owner of

the suitcase.

System Scope

• The suitcase will track the owner of the bag.

• Will detect objects and evade obstacles.

• Will be functional also in case of rain and cloudy conditions.

• Will carry recognizable wights (Max 25KG).

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