Team Members

Alyeldin Khairy

Team Leader

Fady Tarek

Team Member

Hady Hany

Team Member

Mohamed Yasser

Team Member

Youssef mohamed

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Dr. Hossam Abdelrahman

Doctor / lecturer

Eng. Noha El Masry

Teaching Assistant


A logo is a business’ face as it is what grabs the attention and stays in the memory of the consumers right away. The main aspects of a logo are that it must be memorable, unique, and most importantly carry meaningful insights regarding the business’ services. Artificial intelligence can elevate the productivity and overall effectiveness of the logo designing process by automating a substantial amount of the tasks needed to design it. In this project, we will be focusing on designing logos using neural networks by not only focusing on the business’ services but also the characteristics of the target audience of the user, such as age, job, social standard, and gender. Unlike other projects, this will generate more personalized logos due to the multiple classifications used to render the logos.

System Objectives

·    Generate a personalized Logo that satisfies and pleases the customer.

·    Increase the probability of organizations, especially startups, to have a suitable personalized logo for them based on their inputs and their              business environment.

·    Gain customers loyalty and trust.

·    Generate two or more logos for the customer per input.

·    Create a user-friendly system that can be easily used by non-professional designers.

·    Excluding any misconception between the client and designer while generating a logo.

·    Customer can be able to generate more than one logo.

System Scope

·    Aids organisations that are unable to create customised logos.

·    Aids businesses in updating their logos to better reflect their target audience.

·    Collect customer information such as age, gender, social class, job and take it as an input to enhance logo personalization process

·    Outputs a more memorable, simple, appropriate and professional logo for the organization based on their inputs.

·    Create 2 samples of logos for the customer to choose the most suitable one.

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