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Ahmed Hamouda

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Omar Hilal

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Majed Alaa

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Youssef Zaky

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Ziad Aly

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Dr. Heba Osama Bakr

Senior Teaching Assistant


Due to the growth of cyber attacks every year it is important to learn how to secure data.

While it is challenging to develop an interactive, easy to use and beginner friendly cyber se-

curity playground platform that focuses on the defensive side. Our project will be targeting

the undergraduates who have the passion in learning cyber security. The game application will

provide students an introduction to clarify what are the basics of cyber security by learning

basic encryption algorithms in an interactive way as a game to attract the users’ attention and

keep them motivated. Any student having a basic computer knowledge and willing to learn

will be ready to get started. As a little motivation and competition to keep learning.

System Objectives

• Creating a fully interactive and challenging cyber security video game that is going to help undergraduate players test their cyber security skills with different in-game missions.

• Providing players the feel of real world scenarios in-game by creating challenging scenarios with different type of security measures to keep players engaged with the game.

• Creating a creative, usable, trustworthy and a bugs free game with the focus on cyber security principles and psychology.

System Scope

• The game will be based on unity engine.

• Visualizing a scenario for the players giving them the feel of being present in the environment.

• The scenario will have different missions with various goals to reach.

• Missions will be all cybersecurity based exercises.

• These exercises will help the player test their skills in cybersecurity as if they are doing it in real life.

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