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With over 5 million video games available in the game industry. More and more gamers struggle with keeping up with rapid game releases, struggle with tracking games that are scattered all around video game platforms and indecision when choosing a new game to play from the abundance of choices nowadays. Ultimately the project aims to help gamers make decisions, using recommendation system to filter thousands of video games and recommend what aligns with their taste and make these recommendations as accurate as possible, Users can create their profile, explore the world of video games, see what’s new, do a review and see other’s interests, Track their collections and tackle their backlog.

System Objectives

•Build a recommendation system that recommends games that align with any Gamer’s unique taste

•Have games from all devices and platforms into one place

•let gamers have a community where everyone share their opinions and their preferences about video games

•Gamers can manage their collections, wishlist and backlog

System Scope

The app will be a hub for all type of gamers from all around of the world, where every game will be available even the games that will be released in the near future, gamers can see games details and explore different genres. Gamers will rate what they have played explicitly from 0 to 5 stars, then a collaborative deep learning algorithm will learn the Gamer’s taste based on other similar users preferences, it will recommend games that align with his/her taste and it will set matching percentage showing how much different games will be enjoyed by the user. Gamers could review any game and if a gamer wants to look up for similar

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