Shahd Hesham,Samira Refaat,Rawan Khaled,Dalia Yasser,Dr.Fatma Helmy,Eng.Nada Ayman

Publishing Date

October 31, 2020


Monument Recognition in Egypt is a challenging process as it has a wide range of cultures and religions across time. The purpose of this project is to make it easier for tourists to comprehend the stories behind touristic destinations. Many historical places lack information about its enriched past and the battles fought that lead to this monument existing and keeping it standing till our day. This project proposes an approach to recognize monuments in videos using traditional and non-traditional machine learning techniques then adding an augmented reality layer to help guide the users. This will work on classifying the diversity in Egypt.

1.1 Background

A monument is a building that has been designed to commemorate a person, event, or has become a significant part of a social community as part of them recalling historical times or cultural heritage. The beauty of historical architecture would not be repeated in a blue moon. Tourists need to understand the wonders behind the centuries. A monument is physical evidence of an era. It’s a memory of a kingdom. As tourism is a huge and vital resource of money for the economy, the overall contribution of the sector (including indirect and produced impacts) was 8.5% to employment and 11.0% to GDP in 2017.Our project aims to implement an accurate vision system to classify and analyze monuments in videos using traditional and non-traditional machine learning techniques, to improve the tourists’ experience. The deployment of this project into production is to insert a video and recognize the monuments found in this video and finally add an augmented reality layer for commenting on the monuments discovered.

1.2 Motivation

Tourism is mainly about cultural exchange between different countries all over the world and a huge part of this exchange is to know what makes the place special and artistic with all the information needed. Our target is to facilitate the tourists’ experience inside Egypt and to help them have a better experience.

1.3 Problem Statement

Our problem is to detect Egyptian monuments in a video and explain each one. The main challenges we face are the following:

-Accuracy of detecting the monuments is not that high especially for monuments of the same architecture or from the same era

-The Detection of monuments that are partially covered by objects is difficult.