Publishing Date

APRIL 26, 2021


The main idea of the proposed system is to help HR interviewers, Job Applicants, and Companies collecting information about applicants to a specific job. The proposed system will help to build an easy link between companies and their job applicants through identifying applicant’s skills and through writing their CV in an organized manner. Afterward, the system will recommend this applicant according to the skills the job requires. Each company will have its own Recommendation skills. The System will use a chat bot to extract these features with the help of facial gesture recognition techniques. The proposed system will use different machine learning and deep learning techniques for extracting the HR skills .The system will also include different tests that can discriminate between applicants according to the job desired skills to ensure that the right person is in the right place.

1.1 Background

Human resources is made to deal with both the company’s or organization’s employees and the people who wish to work in the company, they are responsible to maintain a healthy environment for the employees and to interview the job applicants to choose the best one suited for the job applied for [1]. The HR department faces a challenge in finding a suitable candidate from a large number of applicants, they have to change selection procedure from time to time to choose the best candidate fulfilling the job requirements and provide training if required [2]. So, the proposed system is introducing a chat bot to interview the applicants, test and recommend the best candidates suited for the job according to the company’s recommendations.

1.2 Motivation


The use of updated recruitment tests together with facial expression is an appropriate tool for selecting the right person to be engaged in the right job[3].Natural language processing helps in conversation analysis and will help facilitate employment problem and could highly minimize labour turn overs[4]. Chat bots that are trained with NLP(Natural language processing) are efficient at doing the little things so that human operators can focus on critical tasks. NLP can also reduce costs and Inefficiencies that humans consume more. Chat bots and NLP will have a high market impact as it benefits companies and applicants which will have a high market value. By the time NLP market is predicted to be 14 times larger by 2025 reaching a value of 43 billion U.S dollars[5].It will be a challenging way of using NLP for analyzing applicants inner skills not just his normal job skills.


HR interviewers spend a lot of time with the wrong applicants and job applicants with the wrong job. Trying to find the right man in the right place[6]. Nowadays it’s so risky to go to many places throw out the pandemic[7] for interviewing for different jobs which could harm both applicants and job interviewers. Also making an easy way to connect to many Companies at the same time without the need for face to face interview. Face to face interviews could be inaccurate as it depends highly on humans reaching a high percentage of bias and human error[8] like mood changes and appearance judgement. Also HR employees spend to much time filtering the applicants CV searching for advantages. 

1.3 Problem Statement

A lot of people don’t know how to make a good curriculum vitae. So, we will help them to generate a good CV by chatting with them with a chatbot. On the other hand, sometimes some people fake achievements to be qualified to get the job so, our proposed system will check every word mentioned in the CV to prevent lies or wrong achievement.