Mohamed Adel, Ahmed Hisham, Kareem Atef, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Mohamed Akram, Dr. Diaa Salama, Eng Noha El-Masry, Eng Youssef Talaat

Publishing Date

April 26, 2021


The main idea of the system is to help HR employees in collecting information about applicants to a specific job. The system will help build an easy link between HR employees and the job applicants through identifying applicant’s personal skills and through writing their CV in an organized manner. Afterward, the system will recommend this applicant according to the personal skills the job requires. Each company will have its Recommendation skills. The System will use a chatbot to extract these skills through an interview. Also, the system will provide facial expression recognition techniques to track the applicant’s expressions throughout the interview. The system will use different machine learning and deep learning techniques for extracting the skills. The system will also include different tests that can discriminate between applicants according to the job desired skills to ensure that the right person is in the right place.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of the software design document is to present a detailed description of the project system architecture and design. The document will explain the features of the HR-Chat bot system and provides insight into the structure and design of each component. Also, this document will help the project team and the system developers to have a full overview of the interface and the functions of the project. The customer can review this document to be aware of the requirements that are finished.

1.2 Scope

The HR system will provide a solution for the system developers which are the stake holders of the system. Helping applicants to easily apply and have an interview with multiple companies and Helping HR employees to find their desired applicants and the suitable one for a certain job with the needed skills. It also minimizes the work load on HR interviewers. The main target of the system is to describe and detect applicant’s only personal skills and compare them to HR employees needs. This software design description how the system will be built and how it could help other developers to carry on after it’s development stage. The main content of this SDD is targeting developers and similar systems authors. Also, addressing system class diagram and all the sequence diagrams .Stating system functional requirement and it’s test plans with Scenarios and test cases. Also, the SDD helps understanding project’s algorithm throw the algorithm’s view points and it’s flow charts or pseudo code. Furthermore, it describes the requirements matrix and the system UI .

1.3 Overview

A software design description (a.k.a. software design document or SDD; just design document; also Software Design Specification) is a representation of a software design that is to be used for recording design information, addressing various design concerns, and communicating that information to the design’s stakeholders. An SDD usually accompanies an architecture diagram with pointers to detailed feature specifications of smaller pieces of the design.

The SDD usually contains the following information:

• The data design describes structures that reside within the software. Attributes and relationships

between data objects dictate the choice of data structures.

• The architecture design uses information flowing characteristics, and maps them into the program structure. The transformation mapping method is applied to exhibit distinct boundaries between incoming and outgoing data. The data flow diagrams allocate control input, processing and output along three separate modules.

• The interface design describes internal and external program interfaces, as well as the design of the human interface. Internal and external interface designs are based on the information obtained from the analysis model.

• The procedural design describes structured programming concepts using graphical, tabular and textual notations.

This software design description (SDD) describes a HR interview system using machine and deep learning techniques and Facial expression extraction.

1.4 Intended audience

The SDD document is intended for the developers of the system that are constructing the system now or who are going to increase its functionality in the future. Also, it’s intended for the authors of the similar system which they could have access to only when a privacy and security order granted by the developers of this system.