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The main idea of the system is to help HR employees in collecting information about applicants to a specific job. The system will help build an easy link between HR employees and the job applicants through identifying applicant’s personal skills and through writing their CV in an organized manner. Afterward, the system will recommend this applicant according to the personal skills the job requires. Each company will have its Recommendation skills. The System will use a chatbot to extract these skills through an interview. Also, the system will provide facial expression recognition techniques to track the applicant’s expressions throughout the interview. The system will use different machine learning and deep learning techniques for extracting the skills. The system will also include different tests that can discriminate between applicants according to the job desired skills to ensure that the right person is in the right place.Project Abstract Text

System Objectives

• The system main aim is making easy link for HR employees finding the job applicant skills with a structured and verified way of testing job applicants personal skills.

• To build a usable system that connects job applicants with all possible companies.

• To construct a scalable system that contains many HR employees connecting with many job applicants of easily .

• To insure and verify to the HR employees that applicant’s skills are real or fake.

• To facilitate applying for jobs at multiple companies and make it a 1 time scenario instead of many.

• To make it easy for HR employees to filter their applicants according to the system available skills.

• To minimize time of interviewing that HR takes on deciding the right man while decreasing Human error and judging

System Scope

• The system will be using natural language processing (NLP) for the chatbot’s analysis.

• The system will generate a full report about applicants’ performance in the interview.

• HR employees will be able to view a full report about applicants’ interviews with the chatbot.

• Chatbot will extract applicants’ skills by interview.

• HR employees will filter applicants according to advantages or disadvantages or according to a certain skill supported by the system.

• After testing applicants’ skills, the system will filter this applicant to the HR employee.

• The system evaluates his personal skills.

• The system will store the facial expressions of applicants in each question in the interview quiz by timestamp in MongoDB.

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