Ramez Magdy, Mahmoud Tarek, Seif Hatem. Seif Hany, Dr. Ammar Mohammed, Eng Mennat Allah Hassan  

Publishing Date

15th January 2020


In the gaming industry, there has always been a lack of development in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) genre and Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Up to date and to out knowledge, there are no augmented reality games that use both proper Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) techniques in AR technology. So our proposed project is to create a self-adjustable game for the non-playing characters (NPCs). In the game, the Deep Reinforcement Learning (RL) technique will be used to make NPCs behavior similar to that of a human player to create more fun challenging game. Our goal is to resurrect this genre that the gaming industry has always thrived on and to create a new gaming experience that interacts with the player like no game ever does. We will bring these technologies together and build our game upon this genre to create a product that offers new concepts in both the academic and market fields.

1.1 Purpose of this document

The main purpose of this SRS document is to illustrate the uses and functionality of the Application (Maho: AR MMORPG Game), the development process exercised during the creation of the project and how the system should be implemented as well as making it easier for the developers and the client to read the document and fully grasp the purpose of it.

1.2 Scope of this document

The scope of this document is to show the outlines of the SRS to understand the needs and the requirements of this project, as well as the issues that we might face.

1.3 System Overview

The system aims to allow implement the use of RL techniques in the AR to enhance the monsters’ behavior by making it unique and unpredictable and thus, create an immersive game in which the player have to fight strategically in order to win. 

1.4 System Scope

The project will cover the use of Augmented Reality, which has not been used a lot in the gaming industry due to its difficulty, and it will cover the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. The game will be deployed with English as the primary language in a Mobile Application that will be compatible for both Android (minimum version is Nougat 7.0) and IOS (minimum version is 11.3) devices so that everyone around the world above the age of 13 can have access to it.