Ahmed Emad, Fady Bassel, Mark Refaat, Mohamed Abdelhamed

Publishing Date

April 1, 2021


In videos, description and timestamps play an important role in the choosing process of the right video to watch. The main idea of the proposed project (Video Bite) is to generate description and times-tamps for videos automatically. Video Bite plays an extremely important role in reducing time consumption, as it shall save time for users from watching wrong unwanted videos and shall save time using timestamps and click-baits to watch only the desired part of the video. The summarizing of video will depend on frames, emotions and speech summarization, summarizing the video at first based on frames and then summarizing of the audio occurs and at last the fusion happens between both summarization in order to get a meaningful accurate description for the video.

1.1 Purpose

The main goal of this SDD document is to represent the main architecture and design of the project video bite. In this document, we will figure the appropriate way to understand this software.Furthermore, the document will be presenting the details of the system’s functions, diagrams and features.

1.2 Scope

The scope of this document concerns all people dealing with videos, which marks millions of people around the world as per youtube statistics [1]. This software description document is aimed to specify and analyze all the requirements of the software.

1.3 Overview

This software description document SDD includes 8 main sections. The first section is the introduction which includes scope, purpose and intended audience. The second section is the project overview illustrating the system’s work flow, scope, goals and objectives, and project timeline. The third section includes the context diagram, and use-case diagram. Also this section includes the system logical viewpoint, design rationale, patterns, composition, structure, algorithm, interaction and interface viewpoints. The fourth section includes database design and description. The fifth section illustrates the human interface design (user interface and screen images) and describes how the user will interact with our system. The sixth section is the requirement matrix that shows the functional requirements and whether it’s completed or not. The other sections are appendices and references.

1.4 Intended audience

This SDD document is mainly intended for content creators, video makers and youtubers.