Donya Mohamed Mohy Eldien , Mennat Allah Hisham ,Mazen Mohamed ,Dannel Maged, Dr. AbdelNasser H. Zaied, Eng. Youmna Hassan, Eng. Ahmed Hazem

Publishing Date

27th October 2020


The main idea of this project is to combine the artificial intelligence and genomics to make a system using the genome analysis such as DNA sequences or gene expression to identify physical points of strength and points of weakness. This may help any one to understand his/her traits ,and how it affect his/her sport life .The system will recommend the suitable sport based on his/her points of strength .In Addition ,We will also set a group of genes responsible for causing some disease using artificial intelligence algorithms to predict future diseases, so they can avoid risks, and increase their chances to reach the peak of the competition.

1.1 Background

Its well known that the cells is the main building unit of the human body, and inside the nucleus of the cell there is the DNA. deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a large molecule that contains the genetic code ,it also holds the instructions for building the proteins which are responsible for body functions. The genetic code is made up of four chemical bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). It store the information of DNA as sequences of these bases determines the building of an organism The difference in DNA is called mutation , there are types of mutation such as insertion ,which is adding base pairs to the DNA, and there is also the deletion, it is the opposite of insertion as a section in DNA was deleted, and the last type is substitution(SNPs) which is exchange of one letter(A,T,G,C) in the codon with another. The substitution may lead to forming codon that encodes for another amino acid named “Missense Mutation” , so it changes the protein. It may encodes for the same amino acid so it make no different in protein and its called “silent mutation” .finally , the change may lead to encode a stop codon “Nonsense mutation” which will stop forming the protein. SNPs are the most common type of genetic variation found among people , it averagely found in every 1,000 nucleotide ,it makes difference in shape and also not observed difference. So, there is an impact of genetics on sporting performance and every person have different functionality due to his genes and also the environment.

1.2 Motivation

Nowadays, many parents encourage their children to practice sports to keep them fit and healthy. In every sport, we find some children are doing very well in that sport while others are weak, or get tired quickly, or get injured easily. For this problem, we decided to try to fix this problem by detecting the weakness and strength points of the child/player through his DNA and recommend a suitable sport for him/her. No doubt that every community believes that genetic factors contribute to athletic performance. As in 2009, hundreds of genetic variants had been associated with physical performance, with more than 20 variants being in link with the sport. As some studies examined the relationship between genetic factors and sports performance in children or adults, this field of researches is more relevant to children. Prediction of the future success of athletes in sports through genetic testing significantly increased recently.

1.3 Problem Statement

We are willing to solve the problem of identifying athletes from young age according to their genetic background , and decrease the risk of possible diseases that can affect athletes because of playing unsuitable sports.