Kirollos Amir, Mahmoud Heidar, Waleed Wagdy, Yara Negm

Dr. taraggy Mohey, Eng. Randa Osama

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Agriculture is one of the main economic resources in Egypt. The losses in our agricultural production every year are because of the agricultural diseases. Crop diseases are one of the most important factors currently that affect agricultural production and food security. The smart farm is a way to integrate technology with agriculture to help advance the agriculture sector. Fungicides, pesticides, and weather are factors that affect crops in many different ways. In order to overcome these problems, our project aims to build a weather station system to help measure weather impacts and gather data for analysis in attempts to help farmers avoid disease threatening crops with an IOT model that predicts disease timing with appropriate timing for fungicides or pesticides. Based on weather station readings and experiments, we aim to build an AI model that predicts diseases that may affect crops such as wheat, corn, potatoes and soybeans such as all kinds of rust, leaf diseases, insect pests, fusarium head blight (FHB) and fungal diseases by tracking them.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this SDD is to represent the architecture and the system design for a “fungicide use” application. Our system requirement is to improve the cultivation area. It was mainly developed to integrate technology with agriculture to help develop the agriculture sector. This document will be fully provided with an illustration for every development and stage .In This document will explain all the details of the system that we represent in the following diagrams. all the implementation of our project and its progress will be presented in the class diagram.

1.2 Scope

This document targets farm owners and agricultural experts who will use the proposed system to help them improve crop health and increase crop yields by predicting the appropriate timing for applying fungicides to crops. The system not only works to improve crop health, but also protects crops from some diseases based on data collected from the weather station. This document explains the purpose of the system in a simple and understandable way. This document helps future developers and designers understand the system and its functions.

1.3 Overview

This SDD document contains eight main sections. The first section is an introduction to our system including our scope and purpose. The second section is a system overview that explains the functioning of our system. The third section includes the system architectural design, activity diagram, sequence diagram, state diagram, and class diagram. The fourth section explains the database design in detail. The fifth section explains the human interface design and describes how the user interacts with our system. Section 6 is a requirements matrix that outlines the components that meet each of the functional requirements. The rest of the sections are appendices and references.

1.4 Intended audience

This software design document is intended for farm owners, research centers and the Egyptian ministry of agriculture. Our proposed system will help them in increasing the crops production by preventing crops diseases from spreading.