Mohamed Khaled , Aly Samier , Ahmed Mohamed, Omar Mohamed

Supervised by: Dr Alaa Hamdy

 Eng Maha Sayed 

Publishing Date

4th of January 2022.


The fundamental concept of this project revolves around a virtual assistant that assists students who are having difficulty using Microsoft Office applications. These applications are simple to use, but the majority of users around the world are unfamiliar with the most common issues and lack the professionalism required to operate the software, leading them to interact slowly when completing any given experiment or task.

1.1 Purpose of this document

The purpose of this Software Requirements specification document, is to present the requirements of virtual assistant for word experiments based on student’s mouse interaction Behavior’ software. The document will act as an aid to the future users of the project, as well as anyone who is concerned with the future development and maintenance of the project

1.2 Scope of this document

The scope of the project is to target the students while solving word experiments without requiring instructors and achieve the process easier and simpler as the students may forget how to perform the required task. We will provide help to the students in the process of solving the experiment. By detecting the students’ mouse movement while solving the experiment and saving the data in CSV file

1.3 System Overview

In our system overview there is user(student) and a mouse , The Student will try to solve the experiment and during the solving of the experiment our application starts to collect the mouse features and put it in our dataset. The mouse features will be extracted in csv file. Then the dataset will be clustered according to an algorithm to classify the engagement level of the students the virtual assistant will appear.

1.4 System Scope

It will address students needs in the main Microsoft Word experiment without requiring instructors to do any effort. It will be simpler for students to help themselves in the experiment/assignment.