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The teeth fossil classification system is a mobile application that works as a tool for all scientists, teachers, students, and non-experts to use for recognizing and identifying fossil teeth.

As input, the application receives or captures an image of the tooth fossils. The objective of the system is to get information from this fossil such as the animal’s specie, whether the tooth belongs to the upper or lower jaw, the era in which it lived, and the animal being herbivorous or carnivorous. Our data will then be trained using machine learning and deep learning techniques, where the best model with the highest accuracy will be chosen to be used in the system.

System Objectives

• Create a tool to assist in the field of Paleontology.

• Offer a unique automated method in the field of paleontology for identification and classification purposes.

• To have a solid solution for identifying and classifying new teeth fossils.

• Provide an insightful tool for paleontology students to identify teeth fossils.

• Equip unspecialized fossil collectors with an easy-to-use application that can help them identify their own collections of teeth fossils.

• Assist users by answering their questions by experts on the application.

• Provide an interactive environment for users where they can save their collection of fossils, share posts, and contact experts for any questions.

System Scope

• The application will be avalible 24/7 so users can use our identification and classification features and interact with other users anytime.

• The application will provide answers to users questions answered by experts in the field.

• The classification and identficication process will be in the first version limited in identifying a number of species that are: Hyrax, Elephants, Masrasector, Sharks and Afradapis.

• The scope will continue to cover more animals in the next versions.

• At a later stage, the application will aim to classify the type of animal of the previously mentioned species (for example, to classify a teeth fossil to belong to an Elephant of the type Anacus/Barytherium/Cuvieronus…etc)

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