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In today’s fast-paced society, fewer users tend to read user manuals. Instead, they are increasingly inclined to graphical, easy-to-navigate, and quick instructions. In the domain of automotive assistance, the lack of knowledge of the typical user, coupled with the seeming difficulty of straightforward procedures, encourages them to seek the help of a specialist. Augmented Reality (AR) replaces paper-based manuals by overlaying computer-generated graphical instructions in the real environment. Computer Vision (CV) techniques and Machine Learning (ML) models can be utilized for car component feature detection and repair instructions. The proposed system is an AR-based application that shall be accessible on mobile phones, tablets, and wearable devices. The application aims to guide average-skilled users through standard maintenance procedures and aid them in getting acquainted with their vehicle’s features.

System Objectives

  • To develop a user-friendly application that is accessible through mobile devices and tablets to assist average-skilled car owners to easily follow the instructions for their vehicle maintenance.
  • To allow the detection and recognition of the different car parts, whether under-hood components or car dashboard triggers.
  • To overlay detailed instructions over the car parts, in the real scene, to perform a task. Instructions can be textual, pictorial, or animated 3D models.
  • To display warnings to car owners, during a procedure, to prevent them from executing the procedure incorrectly.
  • To offer a tele-assistance feature for the car owners to get assistance from a remote expert.
  • To offer complementary car support features to car owners including list of nearby maintenance centers, reminders for car maintenance procedures, and maintenance checklist for road trips.
  • To auto-generate detailed report after each car maintenance procedure.

System Scope

  • The system shall devise a markerless-based AR system to display detailed instructions for car assistance tasks.
  • The system shall utilize machine learning models and computer vision techniques for car components detection and recognition.
  • The system shall overlay the guiding instructions to assist car owners in maintaining their cars and getting acquainted with their cars’ features.
  • The system shall include procedures that ensures car owners’ safety, that is the system will not incorporate hazardous procedures.
  • The system shall be able to connect car owners to an expert at the headquarters for assistance.
  • The system shall offer complementary services for car owners such as finding nearby maintenance centers.
  • The system shall be compatible with different hand-held devices.

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