Shahd Hesham,Samira Refaat,Rawan Khaled,Dalia Yasser,Dr.Fatma Helmy,Eng.Nada Ayman

Publishing Date

April 1, 2021


The primary goal of this project is to create a virtual tour guide that focuses on recognizing monuments and landmarks in Egypt while also explaining the history and stories behind them. This system has great value because of Egypt’s rich history; millions of people from various nationalities and backgrounds visit Egypt every year to learn more about its beautiful stories.

1.1 Purpose

This software design description describes the architecture and system design of Historia. This software design description describes how this software product will be developed to fulfill a set of technical specifications. This document is concerned with how the standards are met. Throughout the project, it serves as a guide for the development team and other stakeholders.

1.2 Scope

This software design description (SDD) explains the pipeline system design and communicates Historia’s main design perspectives to key design stakeholders. This software design summary (SDD) outlines the Historia system design and communicates the system’s main design perspectives to key design stakeholders. This SDD document is used to document design decisions and their reasoning to prevent conflicts over previously agreed-upon products. The SDD illustrates how the software framework would be organized to meet the requirements. Since SDD is the primary source of code creation material, it must provide all a programmer needs to write code. In addition to design patterns, data models, data structures, and algorithms, the SDD should describe the overall system architecture. provide a complete description of the framework and applications that this document refers to.

1.3 Overview

A software design description (SDD) is a visual representation of a software design that can be used to keep track of design details and communicate with stakeholders. The architecture and system design of a dispersion organization are described in this software design description (SDD). The goal of this software design template is to list anything in the software, including its flow and functions, so that developers can get a general idea of the project’s architecture. People who need to shop for furniture and have specific requests are the target audience.

1.4 Intended audience

This document is directed towards the developers for future updates and system admins.This document can be used by developers during the development phase to determine the structure and design of each component.