Mohamed Adel, Kareem Atef, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Mohamed Akram, Ahmed Hisham, Dr Diaa Salama, Eng Noha El-Masry, Eng Youssef Talaat

Publishing Date

April 26, 2021


The main idea of the proposed system is to help HR interviewers, Job Applicants, and Companies collecting information about applicants to a specific job. The proposed system will help to build an easy link between companies and their job applicants through identifying applicant’s skills and through writing their CV in an organized manner. Afterward, the system will recommend this applicant according to the skills the job requires. Each company will have its own Recommendation skills. The System will use a chat bot to extract these features with the help of facial gesture recognition techniques. The proposed system will use different machine learning and deep learning techniques for extracting the HR skills .The system will also include different tests that can discriminate between applicants according to the job desired skills to ensure that the right person is in the right place.

1.1 Purpose of this document

The main purpose of this Software Requirements Specification document is to illustrate and outline the requirements for a HR Chatbot System that are detecting and assisting applicants to find their real behavioral/soft skills. The proposed system will give them quizzes try to find their hidden soft skills that they’re don’t know about themselves. This document will include a complete and thorough explanation of the input, output and algorithms of each stage used in this stage. With a complete illustration of the interfaces, hardware, software specifications and development process for each level. And defining device limitations, what problems we have faced during development and how we can communicate with them. In addition, this Software Specifications Specification (SRS) document describes how the product is seen by our customers, staff, and audience.

1.2 Scope of this document

HR Chatbot System is aimed to target and help applicants in finding their hidden behavioral skills. This system will help the companies to choose the suitable applicant for them with our verified CV. Also helps the companies to certain if the inputs that applicants put of soft skills are real or not.

1.3 System Overview

There is an applicant that inserts his CV and there is a camera to monitor the applicant applying facial recognition to see if he nervous or can take the situations easily without being nervous or sad and so on. The proposed system will analyze the data that he inserts then make a full report including his data in the CV such as Name, age, language, address, and keywords to see his English level, experience, courses, and HR skills. The camera will process then it will make a feature expression to extract facial data and store all of that in the cloud. The chatbot will assist the applicant to find his hidden skills in the quiz that the chatbot will make. The questions that the chatbot gives to the applicant stores in the cloud. When the applicant answers the questions, the data mining will send the information to the chatbot system and the chatbot will make a report and save it in the cloud. We will extract the data by deep and machine learning and save it in the cloud too. Then, the camera when stores the facial expression in the cloud, will go to the deep and machine learning to analyze it. The output of the project is our proposed system will make a new CV for the applicant that provides his CV and make for them a report including HR skills that he has and advantages and disadvantages of the applicant and stores it in the cloud to can companies has the ability to see it.

1.4 System Scope

• The system will use natural language processing for the chatbot’s analysis and for CV reading.

• The system will detect information of the applicant by using Machine and Deep learning algorithms.

• The proposed system will ask applicants a few questions and give them a quiz to certain whether its right or not.

• The system will generate full report about applicants performance in the quizzes.

• The proposed system will have two users (Applicants and HR employees).

• Applicants will be able to view a full report about their quizzes result.

• Applicants will talk to chatbot to extract applicants skills.

• Companies will put their requires about the applicants regarding to their skills.

• After testing applicants skills, the proposed system will recommend this applicant to the company.

• The proposed system doesn’t contain technical skills because developers find soft skills are more generic and productive.