Ramez Magdy, Mahmoud Tarek, Seif Hatem. Seif Hany, Dr. Ammar Mohammed, Eng Mennat Allah Hassan  

Publishing Date

8th October 2019


In the gaming industry, there has always been a lack of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) genre with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Up to our date and knowledge, there are no games that use both proper Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) techniques in AR technology. So our proposed project is to create a self-adjustable game for the non-playing characters (NPCs). In the game, the Reinforcement Learning (RL) technique will be used to make NPCs’ behavior similar to that of a human-player to create more fun challenging game. Our goal is to resurrect this genre that the gaming industry has always thrived for and to create a new gaming experience that interacts with the player like no game ever does. We will bring these technologies together and build our game upon this genre to create a product that offers new concepts in both the academic and market fields.

1.1 Background

The gaming industry is an industry that is growing in a tremendous rate. The first game machine was created in 1940 and was played by about 50,000 people during the six months it was released. The first game machine made for home use was the brown box in 1967. After the brown box came the Atari in 1972 . The first augmented reality head-mounted display was created in 1968. The term augmented reality was coined nearly two decades after its discovery in 1990.During the rise of smartphones in the late 2000s. Augmented reality started moving towards mobile. The first augmented reality game created was in the early 2000s , then came out more Augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go.

1.2 Motivation

In games, NPCs are facing problems when it comes to executing realistic behaviors, and so the use of different ML techniques like the Reinforcement Learning has been suggested.

1.3 Problem Statement

The problem that we aim to fix is changing the NPC’s behavior in games by using RL to create a more interactive and challenging environment for the players which will result in enhancing the gaming experience for players in all the AR gaming field.