Team Members

Ramez Magdy

Team Leader

Seif Hatem

Team Member

Seif Hany

Team Member

Mahmoud Tarek

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Dr. Ammar Mohammed

Associate Professor

Mennat Allah Hassan

Teaching Assistant


In the gaming industry, there has always been a lack of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) genre with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Up to our date and knowledge, there are no games that use both proper Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) techniques in the AR technology. So our proposed project is to create a self-adjustable game for the non-playing characters (NPCs). In the game, the Reinforcement Learning (RL) technique will be used to make NPCs’ behavior similar to that of a human-player to create more fun challenging game. Our goal is to resurrect this genre that the gaming industry has always thrived for and to create a new gaming experience that interacts with the player like no game ever does. We will bring these technologies together and build our game upon this genre to create a product that offers new concepts in both the academic and market fields.

System Objectives

1- To create a new type of games for the gaming community that have never been made before.

2- To use ML techniques to enhance the players’ experience in the game.

3- To use AI algorithms to create an immersive environment and situations for the players.

4- Using AR technology to create an interactive experience with the real world environment.

5- To create a game that help the users sense of adventure by giving them the motivation to go to new places.

6- To make a game that mixes both real life and animated models of monsters in one screen to be immersive.

System Scope

The project will cover the use of Augmented Reality, which has not been used a lot in the gaming industry due to its difficulty, it will cover the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. The game will be deployed with English as the primary language into a Mobile Application that will be compatible for both Android (minimum version is Nougat 7.0) and IOS (minimum version is 11.3) devices so that everyone around the world can have access to it.

Documents and Presentations


You will find here the documents and presentation for our proposal.




You will find here the documents and presentation for our SRS.




You will find here the documents and presentation for our SDD.