Team Members

Albert Louca

Team Leader

Omar Farouk

Team Member

Youssef Mohamed

Team Member

Michel Ashraf

Team Member


Dr Eslam Amer

Associate Professor

Ahmed Hazem

Teaching Assistant


Chatbots are usually a software application made to copy the human’s ability in a conversation using artificial intelligence. And to increase its understanding Our chatbot took a more complex approach than any other one as it gather information first from the user words combined with the sentiments from his/her voice and supported by the facial expression gathered from the speaker using Deep Learning and the sentiments from the text input entered by the user while chatting with the chatbot. The data collected will be processed to generate the most suitable response or answer depending on the situation all with a friendly way to provide a more human-like behavior. COVID-19 has hit the world pretty hard and especially the medical customer service area because of the sudden unforeseen spike in people wanting to use the hot-line associated with the medical hot lines. Our chatbot will provide a reliable source for COVID-19 Questions with being able to power on 24/7.

System Objectives

  • Read the client’s facial expressions using a webcam.
  • Extract voice sentiments of the user using a microphone.
  • Communicate using text to speech and vice versa.
  • Provide the user with an experience that is similar provided by human beings in terms of customer service,which can be achieved by analysing the previous data and processing it to find the best and the most suitable response to the user’s issue.

The system will be a web application where the user can start a conversation with our chatbot after logging in using the saved credentials from before.