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Publishing Date

10th October 2020


Karate is a martial art that can be practiced using hands and feet to deliver and block strikes. However, moves must be done in a certain way, many wrong moves are done in the training itself. The system helps in capturing and analyzing the moves giving live feedback to the player and the coach to know exactly where the wrong move was done and how to improve it and make it better, all this is done using Kinect sensor(s) and machine learning algorithms, and displaying the feedback on a web page, either the move was done correctly or needs improvement.

1.1 Background

Karate moves are combination of successive moves. Kids nowadays may find

difficulties learning those moves at a young age, since the training may consist

of a large number of players, the trainer himself may not be able to focus on

every detail of every player’s move, which may result in taking more time for

learning the move or to be precious to master it or it may lead to learning that

move in a wrong way from the beginning. The main goal of this project is to

capture the moves of the players, analyse those moves and give the players a

feedback to enhance their technique or alert them if they are playing in a wrong


1.2 Motivation

Despite the importance of the sports field and improving it, not many people

focus on working in the Karate sport, so as a team we saw a good opportunity

to continue researching in the Karate sport, by improving and adding some

features that might make a difference. We also found that kids playing Karate

at the beginning don’t have the attention needed from the coach who should

focus on the little mistakes made by the kids.

1.3 Problem Statement

There is the problem of the real-time feedback, giving the player a feedback on

his/her moves whether it was right or not in a couple of minutes is essential

after he/she finishes the move, the feedback should have high-accuracy. The

feedback contains tips on how to execute the move correctly. Moreover, each

player has different body proportions than the other players.