Team Members

Shehab El-Din Mohsen

Team Leader

Reem Mansour

Team Member

Ahmed Bassem

Team Member

Basma Dessouky

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Dr. Taraggy Mohiy Ghanim

Assistant Professor

Eng. Samira Refaat Kamal

Teaching Assistant


Hieroglyphs have always been fascinating with their stories and the ability to be read in several ways rather than one, which is a challenge in itself to be translated to modern languages. However, the full experience of getting familiar with these captivating historical stories will not be fulfilled if this translation was not on spot, and hence the tough challenge is met. The idea of Aegyptos was brought up to help learn how to read Hieroglyphs with respect to how the same symbol can have two different meanings according to the context, and also help to pronounce them by using a tool at the palm of users’ hands with just their phones’ live cameras. Performing segmentation on the symbols using different segmentation techniques, while a light-weight CNN is used for classification with the help of an API to translate the script into a language understood by the user. 

System Objectives

1- To translate the Hieroglyphs written on ancient walls with it’s semantics.

2- Simple and fast mobile application that is accessible to everyone.

3- To help users easily access the features in offline mode if there is no internet access.

4- Instead of reading the translation, the user has the option to listen to it using text-to-speech.

5- The user can slide the phone’s camera on the picture for real-time translation.

6-Users can upload an image for it to be translated.

7- Show the pronunciation of the hieroglyphs to users.

System Scope

1- Translating the Hieroglyphics pictures to the English language to be able to understand them.

2- To make it simple for users to use the application offline if an internet connection is unavailable.

3- Using noise removal followed by image segmentation techniques on the images to help figure out symbol outlines.

4- The user gets the option of listening to the translation rather than reading it.

5- Not only translating one symbol, but multiple that make up a meaning together.

6- Pronunciation of the hieroglyphs will be available for the users.

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